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(7) Don Bailey
Thu, 5 January 2012 20:29:26 +0000
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Dear Susan,

It was so great to get your Christmas card with all those individual photos. :-) The family looks great, as do YOU. I’m picking up some coconut oil first thing tomorrow!

Thanks for including the link to your blog. I had just finished reading “Steve Jobs” on my new Kindle Fire (yes, I love it), so I started your blog from the very beginning right away. Of course, I was worried about your health, so I read the latest entry first just to make sure you were okay before I took time to read.

First, let me say how happy I am you're doing so well. Your blog reads as well as any novel. It is engaging, full of facts and research, humor, great photos, and excellent ideas about life and health that we can all learn from (you'll notice the preposition I ended that sentence with - oops, there's another…). You (and Earl) are truly remarkable. I loved your metaphors and verbal challenges to the cancer itself, and I was AMAZED at your research and knowledge about all things related. Most important, I was impressed and inspired by your active role in the treatments. I've often said I should take an advocate with me for doctors’ visits, since I tend not to remember anything said, but you’ve been your own advocate throughout, and no doubt it has contributed to your unusual well-being during your therapy.

Probably most rewarding as I read was simply the revisiting of my friendship with you - remembering the gifted student and flute player you were. Coaching you was a highlight of my teaching days, and I enjoyed knowing your entire family (except for David, whom I don’t recall meeting, or did I?).

I may write a private email later, but I wanted to tell you how delightful (odd word to use to describe a cancer blog…) it was to read your posts. I’m sure it’s been and can still be a useful resource for others going through similar treatments. It read like a novel; perhaps you will think about publishing it.

Anyway, it’s great to hear you’re doing so well. Please give my regards to your mother and your very special family. Thank Earl for me for his exemplary support. And one more thing… do you think cold caps could grow NEW hair? ;-)

My very best,

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