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Last-minute change of plans

Hi, I’m Dale, Susan’s oldest sibling and your guest blogger for the day. There’s been a change of plans this morning. Kaiser called early to reschedule the surgery because of a cancellation. Susan’s surgery is going to start at 11am PDT, instead of 1pm as we thought. More later. Update: Well, it’s Susan’s originally scheduled …

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Glad that’s done!

Susan came out of surgery around 5:30. Earl was called in soon after and when we saw him next he had big smile. The news is good and surely Susan will explain it all herself sometime tomorrow or the day after. For the time being we can all be relieved she’s doing well and now …

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Morning report

It was startling to see Susan show up on the phone’s caller id this morning. She’s feeling really good, has gone for a cruise around the ward hallways, and is not feeling any pain (unfortunately that is not going to last). She slept through the night and hasn’t taken any pain killers yet. Earl spent …

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Morning update

Dale here again. The first part of Susan’s surgery, the reexcision is done and the surgeon said it went well. I’ve added a guestbook for folks to sign if they’re so inclined. It’s here.

All finished.

I’m happy to say the surgery is finished. The surgeon was pleased and said her good health and slimness contributed to the ease and speed of the day. Of course more to come later.