MUGA Magic + 12 Month Miracle

Down and up. Up and down.  It’s all probably within the margin of error, so I will strive to not overanalyze.  I had my fifth MUGA scan this morning to check on heart health while I’m still taking Herceptin.  The result:  73, down a tidge from the last reading of 76 (and before that in reverse order:  73, 70, 77).   It’s still a respectable number and more than enough to give me the go-ahead for my final infusion in 2 weeks.

In other news, Roche announced the results of its recent study examining whether 2 years of Herceptin might be better than just one.  Although two years of treatment per patient would materially improve Roche’s bottom line, Roche researchers reported that patient mortality does not improve with extended treatment.  Meanwhile, to what must be Roche’s relief, a French study showed 12 months of treatment is probably better than a shortened 6 month term.  All in all, I’m feeling comfortable with my own 12 month schedule.

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