Monthly Archives: October, 2012

MUGA Magic + 12 Month Miracle

Down and up. Up and down.  It’s all probably within the margin of error, so I will strive to not overanalyze.  I had my fifth MUGA scan this morning to check on heart health while I’m still taking Herceptin.  The result:  73, down a tidge from the last reading of 76 (and before that in …

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Nearing the Finish Line

I was called in for a periodic checkup today with Dr. Semien, who gave me a physical and then gave me my marching orders.  Since next Tuesday’s infusion is my very last, I can curtail visits to Kaiser.  I will no longer need MUGA scans, check-ups will be reduced to once per six month period, …

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Herceptin #14/14

The day I’ve been anticipating for almost 1.5 years has finally arrived.  Today’s infusion closed the book on active treatment.  I am now in maintenance and vigilance mode.  I can take a deep breath, knowing I’ve done everything I can to prevent this menacing disease from ever returning.  Totaling 26 infusions in all and representing …

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