Insonmia + Herceptin #12/14

After my last infusion appointment a couple of weeks ago, I’m in the home stretch with just two more treatments to finish up.  Just to keep things interesting, it seems, my body is throwing in a curve ball or two.  Unfortunately, I forgot to pack tonic water to try to prevent the restless leg discomfort I experienced at my last appointment.  I mentioned the restless legs to my nurse who knew exactly what to do:  slow down the benadryl drip to half the usual speed.  And it worked!

As usual, I had dutifully reported to the infusion clinic having taken an antihistamine pill, to then receive an additional antihistamine and steroid via I.V.  These soporific supplements typically prod me into a decidedly drowsy state for the next several hours, after which I return to a normal sleep/wake pattern.  Not so for the last installment in my adjuvant treatment saga, alas, because after I awakened from that day’s Benadryl nap, I couldn’t fall back to sleep … the entire night (or at least it seemed like that).  The next day, I could practically feel the additional quarter pound of fluid suspended beneath each of my eyes. Throughout the day, I periodically attempted to nap, thwarted by the chemical concoction I had submitted to in the name of preventing anaphylactic shock.  By bedtime, I was simply exhausted and blissfully blacked out before my head hit the pillow.

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