A Sea of Clouds

The cough has finally subsided for the most part, so on Monday to celebrate my recovery from pneumonia I joined my brother David for a challenging (for me, anyway) bike ride.  He had actually already done a few rides in the Bay Area by the time I felt well enough to go out with him at the end of his vacation.  Notably, he successfully retraced the same path up and down Mt. Diablo as last year, minus his incidental sidetrack to the emergency room.  He also biked all the way from Dale’s house in Concord to my house in Palo Alto, over a route spanning 66.66 miles.  That seems like a distance more suited to the Mt. Diablo trip.

Anyway, we agreed to tackle a route I haven’t had the courage to attempt in the past:  Page Mill Road to Skyline Blvd.  The climb up Page Mill stretches over 11 miles and around 3000 feet of elevation.  The remaining ride on Skyline and Highway 84 was blissfully downhill with few exceptions.  Here’s a shot that David took, looking down at Silicon Valley from Skyline Blvd.  Just for the record, I didn’t cough a single time during the entire 29 mile trip.

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