Herceptin #10/14

My primary goal at Wednesday’s infusion appointment was to not cough on the other patients.  In a preemptive strike, I emailed Dr. Quan on Monday to request a prescription for a cough suppressant.  My brother Dale had highly recommended Tessalon so I asked for that medication specifically.  Just before leaving for the infusion clinic, I took an antihistamine and the Tessalon while reading the insert information for the Tessalon.

“May cause drowsiness.”  Uh-oh.

As if I’m not already knocked out sufficiently by the customary premedicating Benadryl cocktail, here I was, compounding my somnolence with a sedating apéritif.

I mentally canceled a couple of errands I had planned to do on the way home from the infusion clinic and made sure I had a ready supply of chewing gum in my purse.  I slept so heavily during the infusion that the nurse came by to turn my chair into a bed without my asking (which I couldn’t have done, obviously, since I was sound asleep).  After the nurse bandaged me up, I managed to rouse myself sufficiently to safely drive home (while chewing gum) and plop into bed for a desperately needed nap.

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