Herceptin #9/14

Together with my last infusion appointment in mid-June, Thursday’s Herceptin appointment bookended three weeks of fun in the Texas sun.  I generally eschew scorching summertime travel in the Lone Star State, but due to unforeseen complications last year described at length in this blog, we have been unable to travel back ‘home’ for an extended period.  So not a week after the kids’ school ended for the year and just hours after Herceptin infusion #8, Earl and I herded the kids through the San Jose airport for a flight to Austin.

We visited with family both in Austin and Dallas, had a delightful time catching up with childhood and more recent friends, benefited from a temporary drop in high temperatures all the way down to the low 90’s, and even squeezed in a few bike rides and quite a bit of pool time.  Here’s a shot taken next to Lake Austin on the day that David, Earl, and I biked to downtown Austin and back from David’s house in North Austin.

We returned home (to Palo Alto, that is) just in time for Independence Day.  Notably, I am not yet independent of the infusion clinic.  That day will come in the not too distant future — just 5 more treatments and I’m done!

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