We are pleased to inform you …

“… that your mammogram showed no evidence of breast cancer.”

Well, that’s a relief.  And yet …

“Not all breast cancers are found through mammography.”  (Isn’t that the truth?!)

“We strongly urge you to have regular checkups and to learn and practice the technique of self-examination of the breast.  If you have an abnormal physical finding such as a lump, and you have not discussed this with your primary physician, you must do so now.”

Needless to say, I am happy to read this result for last week’s mammogram.  The greater fear would be to find cancer in the reconstructed right breast or immediate environs (local recurrence) or other parts of the body (distant recurrence).  Unfortunately, per Kaiser’s policy, I am not and will not be undergoing any other regular tests to monitor those unlikely but very undesirable possibilities.  This modus operandi is not uncommon practice for early breast cancer survivors, based on the general feeling that additional evaluations such as bone scans, CT scans, and blood tests “[do not] help a woman treated with breast cancer live longer.”

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