Herceptin ReCap #3/14 , Etc.

On Wednesday I revisited the procedure from whence this entire journey began:  the annual mammogram.  The visit took half the usual time, of course, because we only had to image one breast.  When the technician was about to position my healthy left side in the breast vise (a.k.a. mammogram machine), she glanced over at my right side’s reconstruction and remarked at how it looked “not too bad.”  In fact, she was very impressed with how well the prosthetic nipple matched the left, something I’ll have to pass on to my prosthetist.

I was told to not expect the mammogram results for a week or so.  Judging from last year’s events, however, I’m somewhat certain I would have heard about worrying results within a couple of days.  So at this point I will assume that no news is good news.

As far as my condition since the last Herceptin infusion goes, again, no news is good news. Almost everything is entirely back to normal, from the neck down (no neuropathy, nail problems, digestion issues, body aches, etc.).  Above the neck, my eyebrows are still filling in, and my facial skin is not quite in pre-chemo condition, but on the whole I look more like myself than I have for months.

After I finished up in the imaging clinic, I dressed and hurried over to the infusion clinic for Herceptin infusion #4/14.  Miraculously, the head nurse managed to insert my I.V. on the very first attempt.  I don’t know whether her confidence, expertise, or my downing a quart of liquid prior to the appointment were separately or in combination responsible for the success of the first needle stick, but I’ll try to reproduce the same result at future visits.

With the exception of the tell-tale bandage around my wrist, no one (myself included) could tell that I’d spent the morning in imaging and infusion clinics.  I feel healthy, look healthy, and hope the mammogram will show that I am healthy.


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