Like the Phoenix

From the ashes of the phoenix I rise again.  During yesterday’s morning routine, I just happened to peer into the mirror a bit more closely (a practice in fact discontinued several weeks back so as to not lead to too much disenheartenment). I’m uncertain what prompted me to do so — perhaps it was what at a distant glance appeared to be a smudge or an unexpected shadow.

At any rate, upon closer examination I recognized the harbingers of spring to my Taxol induced winter — tiny eyebrow hairs.  They were like the nascent leaves of a tulip bulb, puncturing through the surface of hard frozen dirt, reaching toward the warm touch of a late winter’s sun.

Could it be?  I eagerly tilted my head this way and that, and with delight discovered miniscule additions to both eyebrows.  From my forehead my investigation moved to upper lip, underarms, and legs.  Spring has sprung!

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