Herceptin ReCap: 1/14

Four weeks have passed since the last drops of Taxol flowed through my veins.  All of the last gasp side effects cropping up in the aftermath of the final chemo session dissipated within a week or so.  At the time I was distressed by the queasiness, joint aches, taste issues, and mouth and throat sores but fortunately they all vanished as rapidly as they appeared.

Unresolved surgical wounds by contrast have now lingered for 4.5 months.  I finally sent an email to Dr. Orman asking for his staff to set up an appointment to have him resuture the far ends of my abdominal incision.  This has really been more of an annoyance rather than a serious health issue.  Each affected area is just a shallow skin-deep cut that almost heals, opens up, gets a little irritated or infected, and starts the process over. And over.  And over.  At Earl’s suggestion, I stopped swimming for a week in case soaking my skin in chlorinated water every other day was preventing the wounds from fully closing up.  He’s a genius!  As of right now, the wounds are still a little tender but are the most healed yet.

Weight:  Up 1 pound to 121.  No swimming for a week plus no walking or running for 2.5 weeks while I was letting my sprained ankle heal has meant a reduction in physical activity and a small weight gain.  I was still able to bike and use my rower though so all was not lost (or more accurately, gained).  I’m now back to swimming and walking.  If my ankle continues to improve, I’ll try out running again in a week or so, not a moment too soon since my triathlon is in two weeks!

General condition:  100% of normal.

Blood Tests: n/a

Hair Loss:  I hope I’m not speaking too quickly, but I think the daily hair loss is back to normal.  My eyebrows are still MIA however and definitely contribute to the chemo patient look.

Body Aches:  None.

Peripheral Neuropathy:  None.

Nausea and Vomiting:  None.

Intestinal Upset:  None.

Mouth & Nose:  No sores or nosebleeds.  Yeah!

Nails & Skin:  Significantly better and continuing to mend.  I have high hopes that by summertime I’ll be looking more like my pre-chemo self.

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