Dead Ringer (Part Two)

Following a short 15 minute drive from Paul’s house I arrived at Temple Square, a several city block area devoted solely to the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS).  The grounds are immaculately groomed and flower beds (which I’ve heard will be bursting with spring bulb colors in just a couple of months) are carefully covered to prevent frost damage to tender plants.  There are, however, hardier landscape elements to be enjoyed all year round.

The Square is home to LDS museums, a genealogy center, administrative buildings, and the iconic centerpiece LDS temple.

After tooling around for a couple of hours, including a brief foray into the genealogy center to investigate family records (a service open to any and all regardless of faith or nationality), I drove back to Paul’s house to pick up my new prostheses.

He was waiting with instructions, carrying container, two small bottles of adhesive (which I was relieved to see would adhere to the FAA liquid carry-on limitation), and a bundle of promotional pamphlets to bring back to my plastic surgeon.  Although I had viewed pictures of them online, Paul also showed me off the shelf prosthetic nipples by Reforma.  At $89 ($39.99 on sale now!), their cost is significantly less than my custom made ones, but I have to say that cosmetically it’s like the difference between real and plastic food.


Thanks very much, but I’ll take the custom version.

I also finally got the back story on Paul’s transition into nipple prosthetic fabrication.  Years ago, Paul’s uncle developed a case of melanoma, which lead to the eventual loss of one of his ears.  This led to an interest for Paul in prostheses and a position at local hospital creating facial replacements like ears and noses.  Over time, breast cancer patients approached the hospital to develop prosthetic nipples as well but the hospital felt those were better suited to a retail product outside the scope of the hospital’s services.  So Paul left the hospital and started Custom DME to serve up life like products to discerning patients like me.


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