Chemo 12/12

Goodness, time flies when you’re feeling queasy.

Here I am getting ready for my first Herceptin only infusion and realize I haven’t even reported on last week’s appointment yet.

To thank the nurses and staff for providing such excellent care and support throughout the Taxol phase, I brought in a batch of freshly baked brownie cookies for all to share.  This seemed like a clever idea of course until I sat with a grumbling stomach in the waiting room and noticed first the fainest tantalizing hint and moments later a more satisfying, deeper aroma of chocolate.  It was not the thin fragrance of a hot beverage, but the richly warm scent of freshly baked …  Oh, right, must leave treats for wonderful staff.

Alas, the lovely nurse who fruitlessly stuck me twice before handing me over to another nurse last week was assigned to me again.  I think she’s lost her confidence, poor thing, and failed to hit the vein correctly on the first try.  Mercifully, rather than attempting a second time, she called over to the head nurse who tapped in right away.

Earl and I settled in with all of our customary accoutrements.  I followed my usual game plan of granola bar, ice cubes, and water, and midway through the Taxol noticed my water tasting a little odd perhaps a little plasticky.  Fortunately, I had some cranberry juice on reserve to mix with the water to mask the funky taste.

Even though I was mentally checking off the hours until the end of Taxol, our stay in the infusion clinic seemed to fly by.  Soon enough, it was time for high fives all around from the surrounding nurses as Earl and I packed up our cooler and electric blanket for the very last time.

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