I Should Be Committed

  1. I don’t want cancer.
  2. Herceptin helps to kill the cancer.
  3. Herceptin can damage my heart.
  4. I don’t want heart damage.
  5. Exercise, diet, and medication help to protect my heart.
  6. I must exercise.

My left foot has finally fully healed after last month’s marathon and I am looking forward to the next goal, my first triathlon.  Since I’ve never done all three disciplines (swim, bike, run in that order) in one day, much less during a timed race, I plan to start slowly with what is essentially a micro triathlon in February. It will begin with a 400 yard pool swim, followed by a 6 mile stationary bike ride, and completed with a 1.5 mile run.  The Pre-Season Burn Series looks like a relatively painless transition into triathlons since both the open water swim and need for a road bike are eliminated.

If that goes well, I might be interested in bumping up to a longer triathlon later in the spring. The next step up would be a sprint distance triathlon with a 1/2 mile open water swim, 15 mile bike, and 3 mile run.  Beyond that would be an Olympic distance triathlon which includes a 1.5K (~0.9 mile) swim, 40K (~25 mile) bike, and 10K (~6 mile) run.  Any one of those legs is already within my capability (well, maybe not the open water part of the open water swim), and combined they should provide a nice new challenge with minimal risk for wear and tear on my body.

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