Ciao Ciao, Cold Caps

Have I mentioned that I’ve been renting my Cold Caps?  The inventor and his company are based in England and rent out their products in the U.S. via a sole distributor in Michigan.  I am charged monthly to the tune of £350.00 (roughly $537), and since that works out to around $18/day, I shipped the whole lot out first thing this morning.

Several people have been asking how much the whole hair-saving process has cost, so I might as well do some ex post facto accounting.  Here goes.

Purchased equipment/materials:

Cooler ($50) + Thermometer ($41) + Ice Scoop ($9) + Moleskin ($25) + Ziploc Bags ($13) + Timer ($14) + Electric Blanket  ($64) = $ 216

Monthly Costs:

Cold Caps ($537) + Dry Ice ($67) = $604

$604 x 3 months = $1812

Total Materials/Equipment and Monthly Costs = $216 + $1812 = $2028

Of course, Earl would jump in here to point out this doesn’t take into account the cost of his time.

12 treatments x 8 hours = 96 hours x Earl’s hourly rate = $$$$$

Hmmm.  I guess the Cold Caps are a little expensive.  On the other hand, let’s consider the alternative — losing my hair.

I wouldn’t have to purchase any hats, because I’ve borrowed plenty of those from Hannah.  I would, however, have to buy a wig.  According to a couple of patients I was chatting with at my infusion clinic about the Cold Caps, a good quality human hair wig could actually cost as much as my materials, equipment, and monthly costs, i.e. around $2K.

On top of that, I would have to point out the immeasurable benefits I’ve received from keeping my hair:

  1. Never, ever thinking of myself as a cancer patient when peering in the mirror in the morning.
  2. Never, ever looking like a cancer patient to my impressionable children.
  3. Never, ever feeling like a cancer patient throughout the entire chemo phase.  Honest.
  4. Running & biking at will without having to worry about whether a wig is falling off or getting sweaty.
  5. Swimming, period.  I don’t think I would have gone swimming when bald.  I would have felt far too self-conscious, because you can’t wear a wig in the pool, right?
  6. Staying warm night and day because my head is always covered.
  7. Not worrying about how long it will take to grow my hair back out because it’s still there!

Do these balance out Earl’s time cost?  Yes!  Because I’m worth it.


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