Chemo ReCap: Week 10/12

How vexing.  I started off the new year by plowing through some of the accumulated detritus collecting dust on my desk and inadvertently misplaced my digital camera in the process. Head shots for Week 10 are on it, but I suppose I’ll have to wait to post them until after I locate the camera.

Weight:  No change from last week at 120 lbs.

General condition:  99.9% of normal.

Blood Tests (1/3 ): The results from my blood work are up and almost all fell well within the normal range.  Both liver tests have settled back down to pre or very early chemo levels.  My immune system appears to still be fully functional, although I’m almost fanatical about avoiding other people’s germs and quickly duck and cover when assaulted by nearby germ dispersers (a.k.a. coughers/hackers).  Whenever I absolutely cannot avoid touching public pens, door handles, shopping carts, etc. I whip out my travel size bottle of hand sanitizer and apply liberally.  I continue to avoid prolonged stays at any of the kids’ schools and warn my own kids to keep their germs to themselves.  The primary result has been that, even in the middle of cold and flu season (generously proportioned knock on wood inserted here), and regardless of the fact that all 3 children have stayed home sick from school at some point during the past 10 weeks, I have yet to succumb to a cold or the flu.

Hair Loss:  As mentioned earlier, I’ll have to post pictures after I find my camera.

Body Aches:  None.

Peripheral Neuropathy:  None

Nausea and Vomiting:  None.

Intestinal Upset:  None.

Mouth & Nose:  Nosebleeds on the decline.

Nails & Skin:  I gave myself both a manicure and a pedicure yesterday and finally removed the colored nail polish from my left “index toe.”  The entire nail is now blue, but still attached.  I’ll never know whether the perpetrator was extensive running or the chemo, although as I mentioned earlier I attribute nail damage to the running.  On another note, thanks to both the coconut oil and cortisone, my face is returning to normal after an exceptional case of eczema. Recurrent acne crops up periodically though, and I’ll be very interested to see whether that persists after my very last Taxol infusion next Wednesday.

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