Monthly Archives: January, 2012

No Pass No Play

Back in the 80’s when I was in high school the governor of Texas tapped businessman H. Ross Perot to head a team tackling education reform.  The group issued a recommendation called No Pass No Play which led to requirements for public elementary and secondary students in the state to achieve a grade of 70% or …

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Chemo ReCap: Week 10/12

How vexing.  I started off the new year by plowing through some of the accumulated detritus collecting dust on my desk and inadvertently misplaced my digital camera in the process. Head shots for Week 10 are on it, but I suppose I’ll have to wait to post them until after I locate the camera. Weight: …

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Chemo 11/12

The camera was in fact in my purse.  I guess it’s about the same size as my brick of a smart phone so I threw it in there without thinking.  Now the question is where’s my phone?  Oh, right, in my chemo bag.  Anyway, here are Week 10’s ReCap photos. Yesterday’s penultimate chemo session started …

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A Dress A Day

Keeps the doctor away.  Isn’t that how the saying goes? I met with my plastic surgeon at a 3 month post-reconstruction checkup last week and was he ever not surprised when I showed up with a long list of questions.  Dr. Orman’s reaction to my pulling out said list was along the lines of (insert …

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Chemo ReCap: Week 11/12

I’m almost there — just one more chemo infusion later this afternoon!  FYI in case you hear whooping at 9 p.m. PST, those noises are probably coming from me celebrating after taking off the last of ~170 Cold Caps. Dr. Semien just emailed me my result from last weekend’s MUGA scan.  I’ve been on pins …

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Despite all of my best intentions, there weren’t any whoops at 9 p.m.  More like snores. Anyway, I’m awake now, much warmer, and so relieved to put the Taxol behind me. Whoohoo!!!

Ciao Ciao, Cold Caps

Have I mentioned that I’ve been renting my Cold Caps?  The inventor and his company are based in England and rent out their products in the U.S. via a sole distributor in Michigan.  I am charged monthly to the tune of £350.00 (roughly $537), and since that works out to around $18/day, I shipped the whole …

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I Should Be Committed

I don’t want cancer. Herceptin helps to kill the cancer. Herceptin can damage my heart. I don’t want heart damage. Exercise, diet, and medication help to protect my heart. I must exercise. My left foot has finally fully healed after last month’s marathon and I am looking forward to the next goal, my first triathlon. …

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Chemo 12/12

Goodness, time flies when you’re feeling queasy. Here I am getting ready for my first Herceptin only infusion and realize I haven’t even reported on last week’s appointment yet. To thank the nurses and staff for providing such excellent care and support throughout the Taxol phase, I brought in a batch of freshly baked brownie …

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Chemo ReCap: Week 12/12

The Taxol party is over and naturally I’m left with a chemo hangover.  While I’ve heard all along that many side effects are cumulative, it seems now that the last infusion was the tipping point to some new discomforts.  Fortunately, those were mostly short-lived. Weight:  Right around 120 lbs, as over the past several weeks. …

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