Chemo 7/12

Wednesday’s appointment proceeded more smoothly than last week’s on a few fronts.  In fact, it was probably the most pleasant infusion experience yet.

1)  My appointment time was bumped up to the morning.  What a world of difference this alone made.  The infusion clinic was still very busy, but we started the process going before noon, were out of the clinic by mid-afternoon, and I was actually able to have dinner with the kids and help with homework in the evening.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be as lucky for the remainder of December.  As the holidays draw near, the clinic will reduce its hours for employee holiday time, making it unlikely I can move existing afternoon appointments.

2)  Antihistamine change.  The Benadryl has really been putting me to sleep, so with the oncology pharmacist’s ok, I switched to an over the counter Zyrtec pill an hour before the Taxol was administered.  I managed to stay awake all day and more importantly still avoided allergic reactions.  I was a bit concerned the dexamethasone steroid would make me wired or prevent sleep without the Benadryl to keep it in check, but no such issue arose.

3)  Frozen fruit + ice.  Thanks to the success of the frozen grapes last week and my friend Tania’s suggestion to try frozen bananas, I averted the need to bring in any nauseatingly sweet popsicles this week.  Of the variety of items that I brought in this week, I found alternating between sucking on plain ice cubes and gnawing on frozen mango chunks worked best.  The chocolate covered banana chunks were good but too sweet after just a few.  I’ll try plain frozen banana chunks next week.

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