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A few months ago I commented on research which concluded that Asian American/Pacific Islander women born in California during the 1960′s, especially those of Chinese and Filipino descent, are much more likely than originally thought to develop breast cancer.  In fact, they are significantly more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than white women.  The reason I was so interested in this particular demographic, of course, is that I fall smack dab in the middle of it.

Lucky me.

You can therefore imagine my surprise (not) to read another article which pigeonholes me further as a poster girl for Her2+ breast cancer.

HER2-positive breast cancer is overrepresented among Korean, Filipina, Vietnamese, and Chinese women when compared to NH [Non Hispanic] White women in California.

Like the  study I cited in California Girls, today’s article also looks at breast cancer cases reported within the state of California. After adjusting for socioeconomic status, age, stage, etc., the investigators found that, among breast cancer patients, Chinese women were 10% more likely and Filipina women were 30% more likely than NH white women to exhibit overexpressed Her2 with their breast cancer.

Here’s a little prediction:  next month I’ll find an article which says Chinese/Filipino descent women born in the 1960’s in California who were diagnosed with Her2+ early stage, node negative breast cancer are now living in Palo Alto and are named Susan.

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