Oh dear.  Oh my.

This could be problematic …

The chocolate countdown ended today and with it expired various restrictions on everyday activities.  The limitations were enacted back in September by my plastic surgeon to help the reconstructed breast to flourish and prevent additional damage to my healing body.

No tea, no chocolate, no coffee, no running, no biking, no steep hiking, no lifting, no fun (not as much, anyway).

In celebration of this newly restored freedom, I started off the day by biking to a local pool on campus and swimming for the first time in 6 weeks.

Later in the morning, I enjoyed a few cups of green tea with breakfast.

And this evening I found myself in the enviable position of having an abundant selection of delectable chocolate goodies from which to choose for dessert.  The big box of Godiva dark chocolates arrived last week from Earl’s ever supportive family and has beckoned enticingly from the refrigerator since.  Thoughtful friends Truc and Dave dropped the luscious chocolate torte off early this morning.  And yet another lovely friend, Michelle, brought us a gourmet dinner tonight plus brownies and a chocolate bar!

The resolution:  a little of each.

The result:  a very happy palate and more buzz than I’ve experienced from the dexamethasone premed.

Additional weekend plans to celebrate a return to normalcy (plus now I have to burn off all of that chocolate):

  • Tomorrow I will hike the Stanford Dish for the first time since surgery.
  • Sunday I hope to take my road bike out for a spin not on my porch but, you guessed it, the road!

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