Chemo ReCap – Week 1/12

Today ends my first week on Taxol & Herceptin.  Here’s a brief summary on Cold Cap success and common potential side effects for the week.

Weight:  Haven’t regained post surgery loss, but am holding steady at 117.5 lbs.

General condition:  Feeling 100% of normal with plenty of energy.  Sleeping well.

Blood Tests (10/31):  All well within normal.  Platelets did take a hit this week, however, dropping from 349K/μL to 249K/μL (normal is 140-400 K/μL).  My liver seems to be adjusting already as well, with Bilirubin levels doubling from 0.5mg/dL to 1.0mg/dL (normal is 0.2 – 1.2 mg/dL).

Hair Loss:  None.  A little drier and less shiny than usual.  Will look for serious shedding in 3rd and 4th weeks.

Body Aches:  None.

Peripheral Neuropathy:  None.

Nausea and Vomiting:  None.

Diarrhea:  None.  I have noticed some annoying but not severe changes at the other end of the spectrum.  Although the Taxol and Herceptin don’t retard the gastrointestinal sytem, anti-nausea drugs can.  This week, I took Zofran and Compazine prophylactically for the first couple of days with no signs of nausea.  I’ll try cutting back by a dose of each and see if that improves GI conditions.  In the meantime, I’ve been very aggressive not only with exercise but also with liquid, fiber, vegetable, and fruit intake.

Mouth Sores:  Tiny one at the tip of the tongue.  I am staying dilligent with oral hygeine and will more assiduously ice my mouth during tomorrow’s infusion.

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