The Day After

This is a brief update on my first day after chemo infusion #1.  I woke up refreshed from a good solid 5 hours of sleep last night.  I considered walking when I woke up, but figured it would be bad form to pass out at 5am on a dark street by myself (not that I felt like it, but you never know).  Instead, I waited until later in the morning and went for a lovely 5 mile walk with my friend Truc, both of us pushing our youngest children in strollers.

I’m feeling absolutely normal right now, though supposedly tomorrow is when flu-like symptoms set in briefly.  Contrary to my first inclination, I’m obediently taking anti-nausea medication day and night even though it may inadvertently cause a different kind of digestive difficulty.  Since the afternoon, I’ve suspected water tastes a little different, but not so much that I can definitively say so.  My hair is looking a bit limp, but that’s because I can only wash it once a week until well after the cold cap regimen is completed.  In the meantime, I will rinse it daily in cold water and in general treat it very gently (e.g., pat with towel to dry and comb while holding hair below roots).

More updates tomorrow.


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