Cold Cap Handoff

I took possession of eight Penguin Cold Caps tonight when the previous user and her husband drove them over to our house.  Each of the cold caps was individually stored in a numbered clear food storage container and kept cold during the short trip in a cooler.  The couple recommended materials to purchase like Coleman coolers, infrared thermometer, countdown timer, and gloves, all to properly cool and maintain the caps on infusion days.  They showed us how to wipe the caps down thoroughly just before use and cut moleskin to adhere to my forehead to protect from frostbite.

We also appreciated the on-site demonstration of cap fitting to better understand how to arrange the caps’ various strips of velcro.  The cap should fit as closely as possible all over the scalp for best cooling and therefore for the best result.  I can almost guarantee I’ll lose the hair directly behind my ears because those will prevent direct contact, unless I can figure out how to comfortably tape my ears forward for the approximately 7 hours I’ll be wearing the caps.

The distributor requires us to keep the cold caps frozen at all times to prevent coolant damage, so my mother cleared out an entire shelf in her freezer for us to store the caps in between uses.  Since that was still not quite enough, Earl turned our basement fridge back on for additional storage space.  I’d rather not use our primary bottom freezer refrigerator because I don’t want to know what creative applications curious children can devise for Penguin Cold Caps.

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