Chemo Dates Set

I just revised my appointments for the next several weeks of Taxol/Herceptin infusions.  I had originally planned on having treatment every Thursday, but that would mean that I’d probably be feeling less than stellar every Saturday and potentially Sunday.  Therefore, to salvage weekends, quality family time, and opportunities for short trips, long bike rides, etc., I’ve moved these visits to Wednesdays.

According to the infusion clinic nurse, after treatment every Wednesday, I’ll probably feel energetic on Thursday (as a side effect from the steroids administered during chemo to prevent allergic reactions), crash and burn and suffer from muscle aches on Friday, and with any luck rise phoenix-like on Saturday.  The first treatment is set for Wednesday, October 26th.

Meanwhile, next Monday night I’m scheduled to pick up my 8 rental Penguin Cold Caps from another breast cancer patient who finished her chemo last month at Stanford Hospital.  Now a few weeks after her last treatment, she has kept most of her hair.  Just prior to chemo, she received the same caps from another breast cancer patient in Marin County who also retained most of her hair.  BTW, by transferring the caps from local patient to local patient, we’re saving on transportation and extra rental fees incurred during shipment to/from Michigan, where the lone U.S. distributor is located.


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