(Much) Slower than a Speeding Bullet

Heh heh.  I think I’m starting to make a name for myself in the 4th floor unit.  Every time I walk through my 5 lap trek around the corridors (and don’t be too impressed here; it probably takes all of 10 minutes to do), I hear comments like:

There’s a speed limit here, you know … Hey, she must be doing a marathon … Slow down, not too fast … (and my favorite, from a visitor who apparently knew about the nursing strike a couple of weeks ago) If you come around again, I’m going to hand you a picket sign.

Don’t worry.  My doctors are absolutely fine with my walking frequently.  It reduces the likelihood of blood clots, increases blood circulation in the incision areas to promote healing, and gets me out of my hospital room where I’m feeling just a bit stir crazy already.

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