Unimast No More

Hi everyone —

This is just a quick note before the nurse comes back in to help me finally get up out of bed and transition to a chair.  As Dale intimated, the operation was a complete success.  Dr. Bitar removed a large portion of skin quickly, and then Drs. Orman, Ho, Berger, and Wright moved in to do the reconstruction.  The latter portion proceeded so smoothly that they were able to wrap up by 3pm, roughly 4 hours ahead of schedule.  I’ll post with more details later.  Thanks so much for the good wishes here and through email.  I love to hear from folks, especially now when I’m confined to a hospital room for at least a few more days, so please make sure to leave a note. All you have to do it click on the word here under Susan’s Guestbook in the right panel. Thanks!


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