Old, New, Borrowed, Blue


Old La Honda & Skyline with Anna and David

Old La Honda & Skyline with Anna and David

There was no silver sixpence in my bike shoe, but we did take care of everything else.

Something Old — My brother David is in town for a conference this weekend and we took the opportunity to get a little more road biking in before my delayed surgery.  Yesterday, we biked over to visit our aunt and uncle who live in Cupertino (about 10 miles away).  This morning we joined up with Anna before dawn and biked up to Skyline Boulevard which runs along the ridge of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  We navigated a portion of the usual local loop and crossed over to a popular biker’s route up our nearby mountain range as the sun was rising.   The climb up (Something) Old La Honda Road has an average 7% grade (max 15%) along its 3.2 mile ascent to Skyline Boulevard.  I’ve read a couple of accounts on the web that Olympian Eric Heiden (who used to live on Old La Honda) holds possibly the fastest time on Old La Honda at just under 15 minutes.  We took around 34.

Something New —  See the pinkish purple bike to my right above?  The Specialized Vita Sport I purchased in June turned out to be an excellent starter bike, but I quickly realized it had limitations the more I rode with Anna.  So for my birthday earlier this month, I sold the Vita and bought my Orbea Mitis Dama via Craigslist.  The Orbea is comfortable, super lightweight, highly responsive, and (as far I’m concerned) really fast.  I love it.

Something Borrowed —  David rented (I know, technically not “borrowed”) a bike from the shop in Menlo Park that owned the Specialized Roubaix he crashed on Mount Diablo (see El Diablo post) last month.  Our concerns that Menlo Velo might not want to do business with him proved unfounded.

Something Blue —  Both David and I are wearing our new blue bike jerseys.

And doughnuts, too! —  Anna had to get back to her family after we descended and returned to our neighborhood (total 20ish miles).  David and I still had itchy feet, so we continued on with a little Tour de Krispy.  We biked through Palo Alto and Mountain View to the nearest Krispy Kreme (about 5 miles away) to pick up a mixed dozen and 24 doughnut holes as a fun reward for ourselves and breakfast for everyone else.


David in front of Krispy Kreme

David in front of Krispy Kreme


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