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Greetings to everyone checking to see whether I survived surgery today (and please feel free to go back a few posts to find out why I’m not in a recovery room right now).

Since I have a little extra time before my new surgery date, I spent a few minutes today reading about other patients’ experiences recovering from breast reconstruction surgery to help glean a more realistic idea of what to expect.  One woman whose breast reconstruction resulted in an undersized breast (compared to her other, healthy breast) went through a second surgery in which fat was liposuctioned from her abdomen and injected into the affected breast area to improve symmetry.

Even with my Free TRAM or DIEP surgery the odds are high that I will also require follow-up surgery for a similar but opposite reason.  Dr. Orman said he would aim to make my new breast larger than the healthy left side because it’s far easier to reduce than to enlarge later on. Anyway, as always, it’s important to keep things in perspective, as the above patient so succinctly summarized:

“I shall be, in years to come, an old lady with a flat stomach.”

From at least a few angles, that sounds pretty good to me.


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