Eleven Day Delay

I just spoke with the scheduling department and learned that Dr. Orman is working on setting up Friday, September 30 for my surgery.  He’s trying to figure out whether Dr. Bitar can do the reexcision that day.  If she is already busy, he said that he could look for another general surgeon or else he said he could actually do the reexcision himself, in addition to the reconstruction.  The general policy in the surgery department is that surgeries can be bumped by higher priority cases up until 2 weeks before the procedure date.  September 30 would be 2 weeks from tomorrow, so in order for this to happen, Dr. Orman would have to finalize everything by today.


Update:  Scheduling confirmed that I will be checking into the surgery clinic at 6.30am on Friday, September 30.  Both Dr. Orman and Dr. Bitar will be present at my procedure, which will begin at 8.30am.  Dr. Semien also called to say that as a result of the surgery change, we will push adjuvant therapy back three weeks, tentatively starting the week of October 24.


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