The childcare is arranged.  Schedules have been turned upside down to accommodate my being in the hospital for a week, and my plastic surgeon just called to say that my surgery has been cancelled.

Northern California nurses are striking on Thursday Sept. 22 in support of Kaiser psychologists, optometrists, and social workers (not even for themselves) and as a result all elective surgeries requiring patients to be in the hospital on that day are being cancelled (I would have been there Mon-Sat).  I’d be put at the top of the elective surgery priority waiting list, but October’s surgery schedule is already full so the very earliest I could be rescheduled would be in November.  Considering how long it took to schedule this procedure, I would have to guess it would be more like December.

Internally screaming, I calmly informed Dr. Orman that I am not just having reconstruction but also a reexcision to remove the close (i.e. potentially cancerous) skin margin and that further delays would also push adjuvant therapy even further out.  He said he would discuss my case with Dr. Bitar (my breast surgeon) to see whether the surgery might actually not be elective and therefore would be allowed to proceed (yes, please!).  Earl said he’s happy to be my nurse on Thursday if that’s what it takes.  Heck, I’ll hire a real nurse if that’s what it takes.

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