Daily Archives: September 13th, 2011

A Chilling Thought

I have recently delved into the notion that cold caps could increase the likelihood of brain metastasis from breast cancer.  The central question is whether brain temperature reduction via cold cap therapy reduces local uptake of Taxol and Herceptin.  It turns out there is something which scientists call the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) which helps …

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The childcare is arranged.  Schedules have been turned upside down to accommodate my being in the hospital for a week, and my plastic surgeon just called to say that my surgery has been cancelled. Northern California nurses are striking on Thursday Sept. 22 in support of Kaiser psychologists, optometrists, and social workers (not even for …

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No Go

Dr. Orman just called back to say that while my procedure is not elective, only emergency surgeries are allowed to proceed, so I’m out of luck.  He did say that because we’re clearing up close margins, my case can bump someone else’s delayed reconstruction (which I feel badly about, but not enough to say no). …

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