Taxing the Taxol Supply Chain

As if cancer patients didn’t have enough concerns, now they might also have to worry about whether they there is enough medicine to treat their illnesses.  Since early summer, doctors from Atlanta over to Palm Springs and from Milwaukee down to Albuquerque have been watching their Taxol supplies carefully.  Some have observed  their supplies dwindle to nothing and consequently had to delay patient infusions or switch to alternate drugs.  Manufacturers state various reasons for the stem in Taxol flow to be increased demand, manufacturing delays, and raw material shortages.  Concerned about my own situation, I emailed the oncology pharmacist at my infusion clinic and was relieved to hear Kaiser Redwood City does not anticipate supply issues during my treatment.  I am one of the lucky ones.

Speaking of good fortune, it looks like we’re all systems go for my surgery on the 19th.  The surgery scheduling department had the option to bump my surgery for more pressing (like active cancer) cases up until two weeks prior.  Eleven days and counting down.


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