Pre-Op: The Sequel

I returned to Kaiser Santa Clara this morning for a quick preoperative appointment.  The nurse practitioner who examined me and reviewed my current medications asked about my reaction to anesthesia during the last operation.  She said that people prone to motion sickness frequently experience nausea as a side effect from anesthesia.  That’s bad news for me — I can’t even read a map in the car without getting queasy.  Accordingly, they’ll be adding some drug to my IV during the reexcision and reconstruction on September 19th to help prevent discomfort.

During the mastectomy, I was intubated for ventilation and anesthesia.  When the nurse practitioner told me the tube is even more likely to cause throat soreness this go-round because of the length of the operation, it finally hit me.  I don’t know why it didn’t resonate before, but I’m going to be out cold, not even in charge of my own breathing, for over 10 hours!  That’s about how long it takes for my family to drive from Palo Alto to San Diego. That would even be plenty of time for me to finally watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, if I could ever stomach the bloody scenes. Oooh, here’s a great idea:  maybe I’ll watch the Lord of the Rings after surgery, while I’m still under the effects of the anti-nausea meds!

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