The Search Continues

On Dr. Jeske’s referral, I am scheduled to meet with a medical oncologist at Kaiser Redwood City on Monday morning to see whether someone there would like to treat me.  I will be armed with copies of the Kaiser, MD Anderson, and Canadian studies along with Dr. Moasser’s letter which estimates my recurrence risk at 15% and presents a case for chemo + Herceptin therapy.  With the help of my supporting documents, I hope to be able to convince Dr. Semien (who I believe is the breast cancer specialist at the Redwood City facility) that despite the diminutive size of my invasive tumor, the positive Her2 status, negative hormone receptors, and large DCIS size (which implies uncertainty regarding exact size and number of invasive component(s)) are all compelling enough factors together to amplify assessed risk and therefore warrant treatment.  The clock is still ticking.  I have just 11 more days within which to start treatment.

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