Paper or Plastic?

Oh, sorry.  I suppose I’ve had the grocery sack question answered for a while already (paper never, plastic occasionally, cloth almost always).  The decision that I have focused on recently, of course, has been whether I want to go through adjuvant therapy.

Answer:  Yes.  But no one at Kaiser Santa Clara wants to treat me.

So Dr. Jeske has put in a referral for Kaiser Redwood City to see whether anyone at that facility will do it.  If Redwood City doesn’t work out, I can also try Kaiser San Jose.  I know at the very least I could go back to Kaiser Walnut Creek.  The Walnut Creek physician I met with for a 2nd opinion, Dr. Huang, implied that she would treat me even if she didn’t recommend chemo or Herceptin.  However, I don’t really care to drive >1hr each way to get weekly treatments for 4 months and then every 3 weeks for the rest of the year.

UCSF is an option for treatment since Dr. Moasser is the single physician so far who actually recommends adjuvant therapy.  The big (ok, enormous) downside would be having to pay out of pocket outside the Kaiser system, as I’m not too keen on forking over what I’ve read can be $150,000 for the Herceptin alone (not including the chemo and other drugs, oncologist, infusion facilities, etc.).  Making that long drive to Walnut Creek is starting to look a world more attractive.

Conclusion:  further treatment is most definitely not yet in the bag.

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