Heads or Tails

Sorry if this post is a bit cryptic, but I wanted to mention that I had a long and interesting phone conversation with Dr. Jeske today.  I have been mulling the adjuvant therapy decision for the past couple of weeks, seesawing between for and against, and talking with her might have helped me to clarify my thinking.  I still have to do a bit more research and check out some numbers that she gave me.  Anyway, I believe I might be on the cusp of making heads or tails of my situation, which is fortunate timing since I was about to start flipping a coin.

In the meantime, I heard from the surgery scheduler today.  If I decide to forego chemotherapy and radiation therapy, I am to return to the operating room for a marathon re-excision plus free-TRAM reconstruction procedure on Monday, September 19, starting at 8.30am and running about 10.5 hours (I made a mistake in an earlier comment, now corrected, where I thought the surgery would be a mere 8 hours.  Silly me!).  Alas, this is not the type of marathon I had planned on doing this fall, but I’ll run with it.


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