In Sickness and In Health

Rats.  I just checked.  I neglected to put that clause into the marriage vows Earl recited exactly 16 years ago at Stern Grove in San Francisco.  Luckily for me, he’s an engineer and not a lawyer.

Here’s what he (and I) did promise:

“I, Earl/Susan, take you, Susan/Earl,

to be my partner in marriage as you have been my partner in life.

To continue to love and respect you

Give thanks for you,

Serve you with my wit, my strength, my heart, and

Stand by you always.

I will continue to listen to you

Labor with you

Encourage you

Believe in you even when you doubt yourself

And hold myself beside you always.”

Thank you, Earl, for the 3 children, 1 house, good times, bad times, richer, poorer, countless arguments (but many more agreements — especially on the important stuff), and (I’m being serious here) 16 years of marital bliss (and many more to come).  And thanks for reading between the lines.

Lovingly and cherishingly yours,



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