Two Weeks Later …

I am closer to normal.

True, I still cannot raise my right hand as high as my left (~6″ difference).  Yes, I am not unlike your average toddler in dozing off to a regular afternoon nap.  And, sure, those unfamiliar pectoral contractions stunned me tonight with their odd rolling sensation when I was chilled biking home in the cool evening air.

But just 14 days after major surgery wrought a significant, permanent, and life-saving change to my anatomy, I feel great.  The removal of the JP drain, the effectiveness of the antibiotics on my infection, and the return to normal showers all contributed significantly to a marked improvement in the past few days alone.

Just this morning, I returned to walk the Stanford Dish (close to the same route we used for the Bosom Buddy Walk) with my brother David … at normal speed. I sometimes forget (particularly when I am sitting) that anything is different, that I am different, especially since there is no pain.  If it weren’t for Earl’s periodic reminders of my doctor’s prescribed limitations, I could easily push past the delicate threshold between comfort and overdoing, between recovery and setback.

It’s all just in time, by the way.  Tomorrow afternoon, Earl and I will be meeting with my oncologist, Dr. Jeske, to discuss the possibility of any adjuvant, or additional, therapy.  You can bet I will be bringing in yet another long list of questions, detailed and culled over the past week since the receipt of my pathology report.  Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, cardiotoxicity, cytotoxicity, neutropenia, alopecia, clinical trials, standard of care, disease free survival, overall survival, recurrence, prognostic subgroups:  it’s a lot to mull over.


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