Summer Camp

Our 10 and 13 year olds returned from a 12 day stay at their grandparents’ house in Dallas yesterday.  While there, our children were treated to what amounted to a loving sleepaway camp hosted by their grandparents and aunt.  As always, the big attraction for any travel to Dallas was spending time with our relatives, especially their three paternal cousins.  They swam almost daily in the backyard pool, tried out fencing, watched movies, took horse riding lessons, worked on the computer, devised elaborate stories based on Lego creations, played board games, and feasted on a multitude of foods and treats at every meal.

My brother David and his son (who live in Austin) met our two at the DFW airport and escorted them back to the Bay Area.  David and his son will stay with us for a week to help out while also unwinding from a luxurious Caribbean vacation.  And now that our kids have returned home, they have their Austin cousin to continue the summer fun.  It had been unnaturally quiet around here for the past couple of weeks and we’re so happy (understatement here) to have them back.

Meanwhile, I’ve been a little less stellar since yesterday.  I’m feeling a bit achy, running a low grade fever, experiencing some tenderness in the incision area, and wanting to sleep more.  Furthermore, the output from my JP drain actually doubled over the previous day, so there’s no hope I will have the drain taken out this week.  I don’t know whether I’m fighting off an infection or perhaps this is more typical of how mere mortals react to surgery.  After having discussed my symptoms with a couple of advice nurses, I was scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Bitar tomorrow morning to make sure everything is still ok.


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