I Left My Breast in Santa Clara

Hi again everyone.  Sorry about the tacky title.  You can blame it on Earl’s sense of humor and Tony Bennett.

We returned from the hospital around 1pm today. I’ll post more details tomorrow, but for the time being, here’s a synopsis.

1)  I feel surprisingly good.  Since the anesthesia wore off, I haven’t needed any pain medications.  I keep waiting for any discomfort to start, but I feel no more uncomfortable than when my friend Sachi took Truc and me to a Body Pump class at the Y a couple of weeks ago.  The doctor who checked me out this morning said this is not unheard of, and wrote up a prescription for Vicodin just in case conditions change.

2)  Dr. Bitar was very happy with the operation.  She said the preliminary report on the 3-4 lymph nodes that she removed (which can easily change for the worse with the final path report later, but we’ll be happy with the prelims for now) showed no cancer.  Furthermore, she said there didn’t appear to be any tumor attachment to the muscle wall.  She did go ahead and remove a half-dollar sized piece of muscle to create a clear margin, but again this was definitely less than she had anticipated having to remove.  Do note that the need for chemo and/or radiation will depend on the final pathology results on both the breast tissue and the lymph nodes, which we should have within the next couple of weeks.

3)  After having come home to bathe and wash my hair, I’m feeling much more human.  We’re going to go take a walk around the block in a little bit, and then it’ll be time for some more R&R.


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