Game Day

I kicked yesterday off with one last swimming session with Anna and her family, since germ-filled pools will be out-of-bounds until my incisions are completely healed (in approx. 6 weeks).  Anna and I swam laps for our usual 40 minutes and then rinsed off and geared up for the morning’s second half:  a bike ride.

To help preserve my sanity during extended running and swimming free periods during my cancer treatment, I recently decided to invest in my very first road bike.  Anna donated the bike duds (thanks, Anna!) and I went all out on the bike accessories:  clip pedals, cycle shoes, and a bike computer … as you can see for yourself.  We inaugurated my new wheels with a glorious, invigorating 16.5 mile ride around the Stanford loop through Menlo Park, Woodside, Portola Valley, and back to Stanford.  With gorgeous weather and a delightful companion, it was a promising start to another enjoyable sport.

New Bike 6/12/11

Earl and I will be leaving for the hospital in a few hours.  If you want to track my progress today, my brother Dale will be updating this blog with real-time surgery news.  I should be in the hospital overnight, and then back at home late Tuesday to continue my recovery.  Please hold off on visits and calls for at least a few days.

I will close for today with a personal message.


To:  Cancer

From:  Susan

This is your fair warning.  You may have seized an early lead, but only because you struck while my back was turned.  I will overlook your poor sportsmanship, and I caution you that your predictability makes you vulnerable.  And while I admit you have won some territory, know that I will root you out.  Tumor by tumor.  Cell by cell.

I am supported by people who love me.  You are not.  I have a team of medical professionals who devote themselves to defeating you.  You have none.  Our paths are now intertwined, but make no mistake.  I will employ anything and everything in my power to strike back, to preemptively attack, and to discard you as a distant, distasteful memory.

While this may be but the first battle between us, I will ultimately prevail, because I am stronger, I am smarter, and I am better than you.

Watch out, Cancer.  Here I come.

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