Stayin’ Alive (Re: The Hills Are Alive)

Thanks so much to everyone who came to my Bosom Buddy Walk yesterday morning.  I had a fantastic time and I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves, too.  Around 30 friends (33 if you count the president of Mexico and his security detail*) woke up extra early to walk the full route and another 20 or so non-walkers joined us back at the house for breakfast.  Thanks also to those who elected to skip the gathering due to illness … I do want to be cold and fever free for Monday and appreciate your thoughtful precaution.  I am delighted to report that I will be bringing all of your warm wishes and wonderful support with me to the hospital tomorrow.  I truly feel energized, loved, and ready to roll.  Thank you!

On a side note, my friend Katherine reports that she coincidentally heard the Bee Gees’ song “Stayin’ Alive” on her car radio both on her way to the BBW and on her way home, broadcast via two different stations.  Furthermore, she contends the song’s name is a natural complement to the title of my original BBW post.  Is this foreshadowing?  Could Katherine’s car radio be a crystal ball?  I’ll happily say yes!

You know it’s all right, it’s ok
I’ll live to see another day …

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive.

BTW, we West Coasters weren’t the only ones having fun yesterday.  Earl’s Uncle Aaron and Aunt Ruth conducted their very own BBW, but Atlantic Coast style.

Atlantic BBW

*FYI:  El Presidente Felipe Calderón** is in town to deliver the commencement speech at Stanford today.  Our sharp-eyed and quick-thinking comrade Andrew sussed out the situation yesterday after spying a shiny black SUV limousine down at Stanford Avenue and a conspicuously attired gentleman waiting just off the path.  Sure enough, as we waited at the bottom of the trail for lingering participants from our posse, the leader of Mexico jogged down towards us, security in-tow.  We cheered upon his arrival, and I do have to add that he seemed a bit surprised at being greeted by a generously sized early morning welcoming committee in the Stanford hills.  ¡Bienvenido a América!

** Any mention of President Calderón herein does not constitute an endorsement of his administration or policies.


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