One Week Left and Counting

Sorry I didn’t end up posting anything yesterday.  I’m still here, but have been scurrying around trying to take care of items on my checklist before the kids leave and before the surgery.  Yesterday I hit the closets, weeding out outgrown/old clothing to ensure there is enough room to put all of our clothes (if by some miracle they were simultaneously all clean) without resorting to storage on chairs, the floor, the stairs, etc.  People who have children might recognize this flurry of activity as nesting.  As a matter of fact, I have observed there are, oddly enough, many other parallels to be drawn between preparing for my surgery and awaiting childbirth.

1)   Food stockpiling — You just never know when company’s going to come, the “Big One” hits, or you develop a hankering to consume 12 boxes of organic macaroni and cheese in one day.  Thank goodness for Costco.

2)   Just calling to say “hi!” —  You know the routine.  Girlfriend is in week 39 of pregnancy and looked ready to pop the last time you saw her.  So you casually give her a call, inquire about the baby’s room, names, and late in the conversation finally probe whether she’s in hard labor yet.  Just so you know, that was one of the primary reasons I set up this blog … so I don’t have to repeat the same answers all the time (and also so I don’t end up retelling the same boring stories ad nauseum to a poor, accommodating friend simply because I can’t remember who’s heard what).  The downside is that when I actually do meet blog readers in person I have absolutely nothing interesting or new to say.

3)   What to eat when you’re expecting —  During pregnancy, you eat for your baby.  This time, I’m eating for myself.  I’m bulking up on protein and iron to help my body repair imminent muscle damage, adding antioxidants to help fight off the cancer, and eating dark chocolate because it makes me happy (plus, it’s an antioxidant!).

4)   The bag’s packed —  No diapers, no cute going-home outfits, no bibs, no booties.  My bag will be much lighter this time, but I will make sure to bring my Kindle, dvd player, Ipod, headphones, robe/pj bottoms, slippers, favorite toiletries, and some snacks in case I can’t stand the hospital food.  Actually, maybe my bag won’t be lighter this time.

5)   Pink or blue? —  When the day finally comes, childbirth results in a beautiful baby girl or boy, whereas I will be delivering a bouncing … ok, I think you know where I’m going here.

6)   After it’s all over, someone is going to end up being babied, and baby, I’d better be that someone.

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