Off to Grandmother’s House They Go

Thanks to everyone who is graciously offering to help with the children around the day of surgery and shortly thereafter.  Earl’s parents and sister are very generously taking charge of our older two, who will fly out to Dallas June 10th and stay until June 22nd.  We didn’t want them to miss the trip which we had planned months ago, and they always enjoy spending time with their cousins.

Meanwhile, the youngest will stay here in Palo Alto with us and then be cared for by his grandmother and uncles while Earl and I are otherwise engaged on June 13th and 14th.  He will be looking for playdates after that time; I’ll work with Eva on setting up the mechanics at the Lotsa Helping Hands site very soon to create sign-ups not only for childcare, but also for meals and Trader Joe’s shopping.  A tremendous help in the first couple of weeks would be for folks to take our little guy out so that he can burn off energy outside of the house so that I can watch movies and eat bonbons (I mean rest!) inside.  Thanks!

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