Staying Green

Who knew?  Even as a cancer patient, I’m a green consumer.

I try to be good to the Earth.  I tote my groceries home in reusable bags, bike or walk whenever I can leave the car at home, eschew resource intensive meat and poultry, frequent my nearby farmer’s market, patiently separate out plastics, metal, and paper from the trash, keep the thermostat down in winter months, and periodically donate money to Forests Forever.

But apparently I’m going one step farther than your typical consumer and am now poised to extend my environmentally conscious habits to … my own body!

Cancer in the breast?  Have a mastectomy.  — Reduce!

Wanna know how far the cancer has spread?  Use the breast tissue for diagnosis.  — Reuse!

Silicone implant?  No need, when I already have a naturally replenishing supply of rebuilding material, my own abdominal fat. — Recycle!

Top that, Ed Begley, Jr.!

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