May 18th: MRI Results

After more than a week of somewhat tense waiting for my MRI results interspersed with polite emails and phone messages from me inquiring about the results, I finally received a call from the surgery department with the news.

Thankfully, there was nothing visible in the left breast.  The area of irregular calcifications (where cancer is suspected) in the right breast was larger via MRI than mammogram, but that was not unexpected.  MRI tends to provide better detection in cases of high-grade DCIS like mine.  It can overestimate the extent of disease, but of course we won’t know the real answer until after my surgery and the pathology is done.

The report also said that my lymph nodes (left and right) were slightly enlarged (especially on the right).  This could be attributed to skin abrasions (both sides) and reaction to the biopsy (right).  At any rate, the plan is to take out at least one or two lymph nodes at my surgery and check for cancer involvement.  I might have a CT scan to further evaluate my nodes prior to surgery, pending a request by my oncologist if it’s appropriate.

The other news was that I’m currently #2 on the list for surgery scheduling.  All of a sudden apparently there are several women awaiting mastectomy + reconstruction, so the scheduling team is working on opening up more spots for all of us.   Is breast cancer diagnosis seasonal?


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